Secretary of Labor Robert Reich constantly recites business theory in his writings.

If theory always worked, then all business professors would be
wealthy - instead, dropouts like Microsoft's Bill Gates are
making the billions.

The government's job is to churn out a well-educated work force
that can compete in a high-tech marketplace. Yet, high school never
taught us how to balance a checkbook, apply for a loan, interview
for a job, fill out an income-tax return, or start a small business.

And there are almost no public training or technical apprenticeship programs for
kids not going on to college.

Most of us will have little use for our frog-dissection skills, but almost
all of us will have to touch a keyboard at some point in our lives.

Markus Diersbock, Age 24
Computer Medics
Tempe, AZ

(November 1993 INC Magazine)